P I T C H O N   D E S I G N   G R O U P   I      N      T      E      R      N      A      T      I      O      N      A      L


A L I N A   R O D E S C U - P I T C H O N, ASSOC. A.I.A

As founding principal of THE PITCHON DESIGN GROUP, Alina has put together a group of professionals she has collaborated with throughtout her more than 20 years of experience in the design field, professionals whom she trusts to put forward the optimum design experience for our clients.
With a Master's of Architecture degree from The Columbia Graduate School of Architecture and Planning, Alina has had the privilege of working with  I.M. Pei & Partners, Costas Kondylis and Partners and Gal Nauer Architects. She has had a private practice in Connecticut since 1998.
Having worked on a variety of projects, such as high-rise residential buildings, a 5-star resort and spa in Gdansk, Poland,  The Plaza Las Vegas, the first 350' building to be built in Stamford, CT, a master plan and residential building for Doha, Qatar, as well as innovative private residences, she brings a well-rounded and sound approach to any design issue. Due to the varied nature of her experience, Alina also has extensive experience with Planning and Zoning Boards, numerous developers and construction companies, structural and mechanical engineers as well as artists and talented tradespeople.
Her enthusiasm for creating beautiful structures that are a joy to behold and inhabit, her love of people, their stories and  her ability to coordinate all participants of a project make her a natural choice as the design professional to put your trust in.