P I T C H O N   D E S I G N   G R O U P   I      N      T      E      R      N      A      T      I      O      N      A      L


M i M i   S W E R D L O W

MiMi Designs has been a member of the design community in Fairfield County since 1991 when she relocated to Weston from Manhattan where she started her career. MiMi brings an urban sensibility to her architectural and interior design projects and translates her vision into interiors for contemporary life with strong classical foundations.
MiMi's skill for drawing and painting is applied to her work as she composes work like an artist. She is a designer who generates excitement about her work beyond the floor plans and furnishings. MiMi is known for her enduring style, sophisticated color sense and attention to detail. She designs for real living; comfortable beautiful living. Her rooms are warm and inviting, asking to be used and enjoyed.